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Recipe 01

A sweet blend of lemon and lime, mixed with an almost undetectable strawberry base which mellows out the sharpness of the recipe. A smooth and refreshing all-day-vape.

Recipe 24

A simple yet elegant French vanilla base – light, yet distinctive in its impression. Then blended with fresh, ripe strawberries to create creamy infusion of flavour.

Recipe 56

A rich strudel pastry, with touches of caramel and vanilla greet you on the inhale. Whilst the exhale leaves you with rich nutty notes that will have you wanting more. A real unique flavour.

Recipe 76

We’ve blended our own toasted vanilla bourbon to give a distinctive flavour and warming sensation on the inhale with lingering hints of coconut on the exhale. A must try recipe for all.

Available in 3mg and 6mg
VG 70% / PG 30%
30ml (3 x 10ml) for £10.99

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