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100k campaign supported by my own observations and views.

100k campaign supported by my own observations and views. published on


The European Commission’s TPD Art20 (Tobacco Products Directive) threatens the rights of Vapers. Yes, our rights to carry on using the devices we enjoy as a preferred alternative to smoking.

Despite many attempts to obtain a review of the TPD, the various constraints will become law in May 2016.

Maximum size re-fill bottle will be 10ml.
Maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg.
Maximum tank size 2ml.
Over regulated and costly liquid testing procedures that go way beyond what is proportionate.
Over regulated, costly and time constraining procedures for registering new products.
It has also proposed the introduction of complex and restrictive re-filling standards.

For the record.
The Vaping Industry Worldwide welcomes sensible regulation that protects consumers. Of course, it will involve additions to what current consumer law covers but it shouldn’t go so far, that it hands a commercial advantage to regular cigarette sales. How is that in the interests of Public Health?

What does this mean to the average Vaper?

Less convenience, increased costs, limitations put on the devices that work for you, restriction of new innovation and leaves regular tobacco products more widely available than the safer alternative.

The EU forced the TPD through the European Parliament with little or no regard for protocol and ignored all the evidence presented & offered to them.

There are numerous links to TPD and advocacy on our website but if you want to understand the lunacy of what’s happening, I recommend you go to his website “The Counterfactual” tells it how it is. Also important to note; he’s never smoked or vaped and has no conflicting interests.


Tobacco is the worlds biggest selling commodity.
Tobacco profits prop-up millions of pension funds.

Pharmaceutical Companies make Billions worldwide from nicotine replacement products.
Pharmaceutical Companies profits also prop-up millions of pension funds.

Big Pharma & Big Tobacco = Big Profits
Big Profits = Big Influence.

Big Influence = Little Conscience “where it matters”.

EU and Worldwide organisation’s decisions must be about Health. Nothing else matters.
Public Health England published a report in August 2015 that stated “Vaping 95% Safer than smoking”. Together, we must continue to challenge the TPD Art20 and promote common sense solutions.

So, what is the 100Thousand Campaign?

It’s a politically influenced, industry lead campaign that seeks to present evidence at the highest level by engaging with politicians that have already realised the failings of the EU’s decisions and those that are beginning to realise. It is further raising awareness via social media as well as trying to gain the interest of mainstream media. There’s also the impending Referendum that could become a key factor when negotiating at this level. The EU haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory of late but the tangled web of deceit surrounding their decision making processes leaves many wondering if EU membership is choking us! After all, wasn’t the EU created to protect us from wrong doing? I personally love Europe. Strong alliances with other countries regardless of continent is preferred over conflict. However, I also believe that the UK should manage its own internal affairs.

Please get behind this campaign and help the fight to retain ‘vaper’s rights’ and maintain ‘freedom of choice’, for everyone.

I invite you to sign the petition here

Southampton Vaping Centre actively supports the 100Thousand Campaign
For further details, contact Ian Gregory via

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