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Another year flies by.

Another year flies by. published on 1 Comment on Another year flies by.

Another year has passed by very quickly and it’s been without doubt the most eventful year of my life. Since opening the first dedicated Electronic Cigarette store in Southampton (Dec 2012) I’ve met some truly amazing people that have not only influenced the store but have become trusted  friends and more!

Our loyal customers have followed our progression from the first generation devices to second and third that now include KangerTech Evod and the Innokin VTR.

Our Liquid range has expanded too with other new developments soon to be revealed.

More importantly we have seen the outrageous proposed policies being churned out by the EU that would basically render mainstream electronic cigarettes useless while ensuring traditional cigarettes are more widely available. Laughable really as the supposed aim of the Tobacco Products Directive was to encourage people to smoke less.

Limits on nicotine strength and plans to ban refillable tanks/clearomisers prove that decisions are being made to benefit the tobacco companies and protect the interests of the big pharmaceuticals.  There’s so much more behind these scandalous decisions. Part of the directive and in particular Article 18  even goes as far as a gagging order specifically designed to stop us talking about and promoting ecigs in any way!  

Why? Well cigarette tax revenues are being threatened, NRT is failing and becoming even less attractive and there’s also the pensions issue.  If we all live longer by choosing a far safer option we will cost governments more to support through our golden years. Not only that, pension funds and investment portfolios will start to dwindle too. And we all thought the TPD was about health!

The vaping community is ever growing and we support each other day by day. News filters through quickly in the technological age we live in. Twitter is permanently active, as is Facebook. Vaping activists are well informed unlike many in the medical profession that seek to promote their own twisted agenda.

I’m totally reassured by the information I care to read and share that’s provided by experts like Clive Bates, Gerry Stimson and not least Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos. You can also be assured of regular updates from the online Vaping  channel.

We have a fight on our hands obviously but we are not going to roll over easily.

If you’re new to vaping or simply wish to get a bit more involved, here’s some suggestions for who to follow on Twitter.













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