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Mallow Man Smores

Mallow Man Smores published on

A great new Marshmallow Smore range of flavours for the cloud chasers.

Smore Banana
Creamy Banana & Marshmallow blend.

Smore Lemon
Sweet Lemon Curd infused Marshmallow.

Smore Menthol
Menthol infused Marshmallow blend.

Smore Raspberry
Sweet Raspberry infused Marshmallow.

Smore Strawberry
Sweet Strawberry infused Marshmallow.

Smore Toasted
Toasted Marshmallow.

50ml for £9.99 a bottle.

Nic shots available for £1.25 each or 5 for £5.01
You will need one shot per bottle to make it 3mg, two shots for 6mg.

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