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Home Delivery

Home delivery update.

The demand for home deliveries has reduced substantially since we reopened on the 15th of June, so we’ve had to rethink how best to cater for those still requiring our assistance while at the same time optimise staffing levels throughout the week.

Our free local delivery day will be Wednesdays.

Our free local delivery areas are SO14/15/16 & 17.

You may place your orders at any time of the week, however we’ll call you to confirm the order on Wednesday morning. Please use the new ordering form on this page.

We are no longer able to take payments over the phone. So please ensure that you can have cash ready for payment on delivery.

If this is not possible, we can also take a payment using bank transfer. This must be confirmed before we can prepare your order.

Please plan ahead as best you can to avoid running out.

Rest assured that should store closures be reinstated by the Government, we will again facilitate Mon-Fri deliveries. 🚙

Thanking you in advance.

Ian & the team.

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